We created these custom Bodak phone cases.

This was a project that did not get off of the ground, but the item we produced came out too good to not be mentioned.  We created a full custom phone case that was supposed to be a a part of, at the time, the “rising” rap sensation Cardi B. The “B Yellow” phone case was a nod to her top selling single which started her rise. The full custom phone case was silicone and a custom PMS color. The art was raised 2D by creating a custom mold. The case fit an iphone X perfectly but, could be made to fit any phone model on the market. Unfortunately around the time the sampling process was complete and we were about to discuss talks for production, the artists management changed and the proposal was scrapped. We ended up releasing this on our “Gift Shop Goods” ecomm site and it sold out. This was the birth of our Gift Shop Goods store. We have plans to release the case again in a limited run with new artwork, but until then this will remain one of our favorite items from one of our favorite projects that never happened.





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